A film about an Austrian band, a Youtube hit and a journey to the far side of the world...
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A packed cultural center in Buenos Aires, the best party in town in Mar del Plata, a secret gig with a Chilean star in Valparaíso: Fuck The Atlantic Ocean portrays the Viennese band Sweet Sweet Moon on their adventurous trip through Argentina and Chile. It all started with a YouTube video of a charming Sweet Sweet Moon street performance that went viral. The video gained the young band a surprisingly large and enthusiastic fanbase in South America, although Sweet Sweet Moon have neither played nor released music there. Clicks were followed by manifold expressions of love and euphoric invitations, so in March 2013 Sweet Sweet Moon seized the moment to embark on a journey across the Atlantic Ocean to meet their biggest fans

Along the route Sweet Sweet Moon played free house shows for their biggest fans and performed intimate and spontaneous sessions in unusual places (from a natural amphitheater to the the main square of Córdoba). They met fans who have long waited for this to happen, and stumbled into chance encounters with strangers that helped them find out why Sweet Sweet Moon’s music strikes such a chord with Latin Americans.

Fuck The Atlantic Ocean is the portrait of a young band that refuses career thinking and makes music without much ado of promo campaigns and release dates (they still have not released an album). Sweet Sweet Moon uphold the romantic notion of the rambling musicians that travel through a foreign continent, live in the moment, are always open and curious for new encounters and all those coincidences that occur along the way and make traveling so exciting. The film joins the roaming musicians on their travels between enthusiastic fan meetings, lonesome „on the road“ moments and random busking. Connecting the genres of music documentary and road movie, Fuck The Atlantic Ocean is a modern fairy-tale that captures the magic and euphoria of live music and shows how a beautiful virtual experience becomes reality.

The full-length music documentary/roadmovie premiered in March 2014 at the Poolinale Music Film Festival in Vienna and has been screened at film festivals and other events across the world. The movie is now available on YouTube, where it all started.