A film about an Austrian band, a Youtube hit and a journey to the far side of the world...
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Sweet Sweet Moon

Sweet Sweet Moon, that’s first and foremost the young viennese multiinsturmentalist Matthias Frey. Alone on stage Matthias is creating orchestral soundscapes from scratch, utilizing the violin, a dumcomputer and his best sidekick – the loop pedal. Despite a similar artistic approach Sweet Sweet Moons’ performances are far from the perfectly staged shows of Owen Pallet or Patrick Wolf. In fact , quite the opposite: Matthias’ gigs are infamously driven by a charming quirkiness. Oscillating between genius and insanity Sweet Sweet Moon, spontaneously integrating borrowed instruments, launching a Nirvana cover with a distorted violin out of the blue or dancing between the effect box pedals in socks. It goes without saying not everything is working out smoothly under those circumstances but by the last song this insanely talented Candide will have melted your heart. On his trip to South America Matthias will be accompanied by cello wizard Toni Traubensaft.

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Sweet Sweet Moon – My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille


They Shoot Music

They Shoot Music Don’t They is a collective of pop culture enthusiasts, film makers and photographers. We film unique performances and portraits of bands we like. Our aim is to capture an intimate musical moment and a snapshot of the everyday life of people and places. We have started exploring our homebase Vienna by means of music videos in late 2007 and have since then released more than 300 session including videos, photos, location info and maps. In 2014 we have finished our first full-lenght music documentary.